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How to be a Success


The blog will be updated on a regular basis to provide reviews and views on the literature, thinking and bunkum that is put forward in the ‘how to become great and wealthy’ market.   

Why are we constantly bombarded with ‘how to become this and that’? - The answer is simple, we all want to achieve the holy grail of FREEDOM.  Freedom to work if and when we want, freedom to make the choices we want in life without having to worry about the man (or woman) on our shoulder and the freedom to buy what we want, amongst other things.  So is it possible? That’s what this site is about to find out.  

Latest Review  

The Four Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss

The premise is simple, work fewer hours for more money by outsourcing your activities and doing less, and by doing less I mean becoming more efficient e.g. only check emails twice a day.

I found this a fascinating read but for me it did not hit home as I was hoping it would.  I do sometimes wonder why the author’s write such self-help books, an Ivy league graduate, tutored by some of the brightest minds in ‘business’ and earning hundreds of thousands by his early twenties (prior to writing this book).  Don’t get me wrong there are some interesting concepts in there but nothing groundbreaking nor particularly original - which is what I am finding the more I read and research on these types of subjects.

I would definitely recommend though as it has sold millions, so I am probably in the minority.  The full review of the Four hour Work Week can be read on the blog here.


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